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Solent Pools and Hot Tubs also provide Premium Water Treatment Chemicals and Pool Linings!

At our showroom, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of approved spa water treatment chemicals, carefully selected for your health and enjoyment. Experience the ultimate in spa relaxation with our top-quality products.

Discover a wide selection of spa water treatment chemicals that ensure pristine water quality, optimal hygiene, and a pleasurable bathing experience. Our knowledgeable team is available to provide expert advice and guidance, helping you find the perfect solutions for your specific needs.

But that's not all - we also stock high-quality pool linings that add style, durability, and long-lasting beauty to your pool. Explore our collection and find the perfect pool lining to create a stunning visual centerpiece for your outdoor space.

Visit our showroom today and witness the excellence of our spa water treatment chemicals and pool linings firsthand. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you, answer your questions, and help you make the right choices for your spa and pool needs.

Experience the difference of premium products and exceptional service. Elevate your spa and pool experience with us.

Our Products


Pool Water Treatment

Say goodbye to the hassle of handling traditional chlorine tablets. We're excited to bring you a revolutionary solution that combines convenience and effectiveness like never before.



Renting a spa has never been easier. With just a few simple requirements, you can transform your space into a soothing oasis of warmth and tranquility.


Pool Linings

Designed for both durability and aesthetic appeal, our pool linings will breathe new life into your backyard paradise.

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