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Water maintenance is very easy and quick to do. For more information or assistance please contact us.


Solent Pools & Hot Tubs are now able to offer installation of DLW delifol pool linings.

At a glance:

  • DLW delifol is suitable for private and public pools, for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, for new building and renovation.

  • DLW delifol is extremely tear-resistant because of its high tensile reinforcement and is equipped against biological attacks.

  • DLW delifol can be installed on top of any existing pool finish with the minimum of preparation.

  • DLW delifol can be installed into any shape or size from private schools for fun and relaxation to Olympic pools for serious competition.

  • DLW delifol allows you to include in your design; steps, bays, beach areas, pits for automatic covers, safety ledges and deck level and “lost edge” designs. Non-slip material is laid to step treads and shallow areas for added safety.

  • DLW delifol is treated to protect against damage from sunlight, pool chemicals and algae growth. After 40 years of use and continual development it meets the highest European physical and chemical standards.

  • DLW delifol is a reinforced, 1.5 mm thick, PVC membrane used to line the most heavily used commercial pools. The edges of the material are over-lapped, welded and sealed with the very latest hot-air welding tools. The material remains flexible to absorb any slight movement of the shell and existing cracks.

  • DLW delifol is guaranteed to remain water-tight for a full 10 years and is suitable for pools run up to a maximum of 34° C (94° F). As to cleaning, with DLW deliclean and DLW delicalc we offer to special cleaning agents which guarantee perfect cleaning without damaging the liner.

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